With deep domain knowledge in turnkey and custom-designed electrical, engineering, explosion-proof lighting and port container handling solutions for the Energy, Infrastructure and Industrial markets we focus on, the team is always ready to take on your requirements, deep dive into your challenges and work with you to co-design a solution.

Our Mission

An excellent Engineering and Procurement Partner for the Energy, Infrastructure and Industrial markets we focus on.

  • Product – Engineering: Excellent Design, Fabricated to Client-Satisfaction
  • Process – Procurement: Efficiency for Client Convenience and Savings
  • People – Knowledgeable and Trustworthy Experts in Engineering and Procurement


What We Do

Our solutions are designed to make every project a success for your business. With deep domain knowledge and in partnership  with global manufacturers of innovative systems  and technologies, our team has the  competency to design solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

  • Electrical & Instrumentation Bulk Materials Solutions
  • Port Solutions
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Explosion-proof Solutions
  • Lightning Protection Solutions

We value add services in the form of project management, customization, industry-specific solution design, on-site application and system assessment.


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Key Markets and Product Segments

Electrical & Instrumentation Bulk Material Solutions

Electrical and Instrumentation bulk materials are major bottlenecks in every project, ad-hoc demands and constant requirements often pose the biggest challenge in controlling and containing project costs. Partnering with global leading manufacturers, we are the preferred partner of choice for electrical power, instrument, data and telecom cables, cable support systems, cable glands & cleats and cable accessories. With our strong strategic partnerships, we are able to offer reliable supply and best pricing to our customers.

In addition, we provide a range of value-added services to ensure we deliver solutions best suited to the project needs.

  • Technical Support and Budgetary Pricing Support
  • Inventory Management and Distribution
  • Warehousing and Supply Chain Solutions
  • Expediting and Reporting
  • Project Documentation and Vendor Databook
  • Import and International Export Compliance

Port Solutions

Strong technical expertise in the design and build of hanger structures for container ports and RTG electrification solutions - Conversion of RTG to eRTG through the integration of L Drive onto the RTG.

  • Electrified Rubber Tyred Gantry (eRTG) is a system that converts a conventional diesel powered RTG into a fully electric-driven RTG (eRTG). Advantages of converting to eRTG includes Environmental, Economical to Efficiency.
  • Festoon Cable System is one of the most important components of an overhead crane system. Recognized internationally as a reliable and robust system that ensures uninterrupted data/power transmission from crane to moving cabin during operations.

Engineering Solutions

Total concepts in customised engineering solutions for the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Biomedical and Industrial Manufacturing markets. We offer reliable, quality and energy efficient packaged compressors systems, chemical filtration systems and engineered equipment including fire protection systems and safety solutions. We provide engineering, training and site commissioning services to support our customers in their project execution. Our services include,

  • Offshore and On-shore site survey
  • Design and modification
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Commissioning

Explosion Proof Solutions

We are a leading supplier offering a complete range of explosion-proof products and solutions, that conforms to all relevant standards and meet all harsh and hazardous environment requirements. Our expertise includes product customization to meet stringent project standards and specifications. Through our regular training and upgrading program, our sales and indoor application engineers are technically trained to provide right product selection and recommendations such as lighting, remote control station, plugs & receptacles, distribution board, junction boxes, motor starters and to handle large scale projects.

Lightning Protection Solutions

Lightning protection is an integral and important part of all projects to ensure safety to operation and safeguarding human capital, capital investment and resources. At Sonepar, we offer a complete solution from conceptualise design to supply, installation, testing and commissioning, in accordance to various international standards like IEC, IEEE, API RP 545.

We are a one-stop solution for all type of projects and needs for

  1. Direct Strike Protection
  2. Transient Surge & Overvoltage Protection
  3. Grounding & Earth Grid Systems
  4. Retractable Bypass Conductor for External Floating Roof Tank (EFRT)  (See video below)

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