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We’re the world’s number one distributor of electrical products and related services. And what keeps us at number one is our people. We’re constantly enriched by the skills and competencies of our associates, as they thrive in their roles. So why not join us! 

We’re ambitious, driven by entrepreneurial spirit. Our expert advice is combined with more than fifty years of experience. We’re trusted to lead.  We are fearlessly competitive, but never lose sight of the need to make a profit to invest in our future.

We strive for unity, not uniformity, synergy, not sameness and agile adaptability in the face of change.  Operating with complete integrity, our business behaviour and levels of responsibility set the highest standards.

Key Figures


associates across 40 countries.

10 years

the average time spent with the group.


of associates would recommend their company to others (internal Group survey, 2021).

Why Work With Us

We offer our associates career opportunities around the world and a rewarding work environment. We encourage you to take initiatives. We are enriched by your skills and your personality. 


Powered by Difference

People are essential to our business. We champion difference and diversity. Over-the-counter, online and side-by-side, we value relationships with customers, suppliers and every one of our Sonepar associates.

We’re ambitious, driven by entrepreneurial spirit. Our expert advice is combined with more than fifty years of experience. We strive for unity, not uniformity, synergy, not sameness and agile adaptability in the face of change.  We make the most of all the skills, competencies and personalities of our associates.

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Customer Centric

Our job is to make life easier for our customers — assisting them with projects of all kinds, be they large or small.

For that reason, we are committed to delivering outstanding customer service at all times, and to taking new paths so that we can offer the best possible solutions.

The expectations of our customers are ever-growing, and our range of products and services grows with them. 

Digital Transformation

In business, technology is ever-advancing, offering a constant stream of new opportunities. Sonepar is harnessing this potential to drive the Group's digital transformation. This means reimagining our business for a digital age and becoming a digital enterprise.

To do this, we are investing €1bn in driving digital transformation throughout the Group to answer its challenges. Our ambition is to become the first global B2B electrical distributor in the world to offer the best omnichannel experience to all our customers.

  • Offering our customers new and more efficient ways of operating. 
  • Educating our associates to using to deploy our platform locally.
  • Ensuring that the technology we invest in delivers on its potential.

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The Will to Dare

We dare to push boundaries. We question, we explore new ways, different ways. That’s how we stay ahead. It’s how we anticipate and effectively respond to customer demand. We are entrepreneurs and innovators. Our people are trusted to seize new opportunities because we believe that being bold is one of the best ways to grow.


Decentralization as key driver of success

"Seagate, a US hard disk drive manufacturer, was already pleased with the Integrated Supply service we provided to them, and they wanted to enjoy the same service in Southeast Asia and China.

The challenge facing us was not only to transplant an American business model in Asia, but also to succeed at it in an area where we had yet to establish a presence! As an entity close to the Asian Market, Vallen Australia came forward and opened an office in Singapore, a central and therefore strategic location. To replicate the success, they needed to gain an understanding of the local industry, work out the necessary infrastructure, and recruit and train the personnel required to operate it.

Where its US competitors had failed, Vallen Asia grew its business by assisting Seagate partners throughout Asia and subsequently moved into other industries. Sonepar’s principle of decentralization meant that Vallen remained agile and continually refined the model to market needs."

Andrew Bennett, Vallen Asia CEO


The entrepreneurial mindset

"It all started when we were working on-site on a major construction project called RAPID (Refinery And Petrochemical Integrated Development), a Petronas’s new oil refinery in Pengerang, a project costing a total of $27 billion.

While we were having lunch nearby, we noticed an unused one-story building in the restaurant parking area. We were well aware of the need for greater responsiveness at the Petronas worksite and of the service that we could provide, so we jumped at the opportunity.

Just one month later, we had turned the small building across from the restaurant into a new KVC branch with seven dedicated staff members and three delivery trucks to transport all the equipment and electrical products needed. A year later, our on-site outlet booked sales of €2.1 million and got us a hundred additional customers."

Eddie Wong, KVC Malaysia COO

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Join us today

Sonepar offers a huge range of career opportunities around the world. You’re just a few clicks away from your next job – with us!