We are an independent family-owned Group

Founded in 1969 by Henri Coisne and his brothers, Sonepar has grown steadily, while maintaining its entrepreneurial values. Fifty years down the road, our Group is still independent. Sonepar has expanded with the support of its family shareholders, and by investing in the skills of its associates. 


We focus on the long term …

Every day, everywhere, the involvement of our people is what ensures our success. They maintain close relationships with thousands of customers, suppliers and business partners.


We give men and women priority status:

Earning the trust of our customers is how we achieve profitable growth.

We recognize talent, we invest in training and we encourage internal promotions throughout our Group.

We develop robust partnerships with high-quality manufacturers.


… and on consistent results

We hold world leadership in B-to-B distribution of electrical products, solutions and related services. 

Our Group operates at the heart of a global market —and with major potential for expansion. There is an increasingly broad range of applications for electrical equipment, product technology is evolving and there is a growing need for new services.


Both global and local

Our DNA is unique. A balance between local initiative and global operations underlies our business growth.

We leave it up to the men and women working at our subsidiaries to respond to customer needs, because they have thorough knowledge of their markets. Shared local initiative leads to global success. Strategic global policies validated by all are implemented to enhance our operational excellence and serve our customers more effectively.

Key figures


Sonepar recorded sales of 23 billion euros in 2020, a decrease of 3.6% in Electrical sales compared to 2019, which was the best year ever in Sonepar’s history.

This solid sales performance, considering the global sanitary and economic crisis, reflects Sonepar’s global footprint, unique resilience of our associates, continuous investment in protecting customer service, including inventory levels and productivity benefits from process digitalization efforts started back in 2017.

The Sonepar Group has embarked on an ambitious transformation plan to maintain its position as a world leader in the B-to-B distribution of electrical equipment, solutions and related services. The Group aims to offer its customers the most advanced automated and digitized omnichannel processes on the market.

Here are Sonepar's updated key figures:

  • 23 billion euros in sales
  • 30% online sales
  • 45,000 associates
  • Present in 40 countries
  • Over 100 brands
  • 2,800 branches
  • 150 distribution centers
  • 1 million order lines per day
  • Commitment to reduce Sonepar’s internal emissions by over 20% in 4 years and comply with the 2°C target.
  • 230 Sustainability initiatives


In 2020, Sonepar also set up a strategic Digital Factory based on 3 continents leveraging the Group’s size to accelerate our omnichannel digitalization, which already represents 30% of Group sales.

At Sonepar, our job is to make our customers’ lives easier. Our associates are our core strength and thanks to them, we are successfully leading the digital and energy transition head on.  Looking back at 2020, I applaud the way in which our associates around the world united to overcome the crisis that we went through and continued in our mission to deliver first class customer service,” said Marie-Christine Coisne-Roquette, Sonepar Chairman.

Philippe Delpech, Sonepar CEO commented, “Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Sonepar’s 2,800 branches remained open even in the worst moments of the pandemic to serve our customers working in vital sectors: hospitals, data centers, and critical infrastructures. Our associates were extraordinary in 2020 and I wish to thank all 45 000 of them for their amazing commitment.  They demonstrated their resilience and have continually strived to provide our customers with the great service they deserve. This unique crisis has proven, if needed, that Sonepar is really Powered by Difference.”

About Sonepar

Sonepar is an independent family-owned company with global market leadership in B-to-B distribution of electrical products, solutions and related services. Through a dense network of 100 brands spanning 40 countries, the Group has an ambitious transformation agenda to become the first global B-to-B electrical distributor to provide a fully digitalized and synchronized omnichannel experience to all customers. Drawing on the skill and passion of its 45,000 associates, Sonepar had sales of €23 billion in 2020. Sonepar makes its customers’ lives easier, over the counter, visiting customers, by phone or online, – however we’re needed. Sonepar’s ambition is to become “La Référence” - the standard-setter for all its stakeholders. www.sonepar.com


Sonepar in Singapore

Sonepar in Singapore is a multi-specialist, focused on four key market segments: Industrial Automation, Commercial Electrical, Project Lighting and Energy Infrastructure. In January 2021, Cable Solutions and Oakwell Distribution rebranded as Sonepar to form the foundation of the new Sonepar in Singapore. www.sonepar.com.sg