The challenge we are facing

Humanity is at a turning point and the way we treat our planet must change. Global warming and waste are two of the most critical challenges our world faces today. We need to make radical changes as to how we create and use the energy and resources that power our industries, our cities, our homes and our world.

What is the opportunity ahead of us?

There is hope, because a transformation is underway: away from polluting fossil fuels, to clean and infinitely available electric energy. Away from a system based on wasteful consumption, and towards a circular economy of recycling and reuse.

Why we are uniquely placed to make a difference?

At Sonepar, we can help to accelerate these change. Our business is at the very heart of the electrical ecosystem, and we control our own destiny – our family of shareholders are strong supporters for Sonepar to stand up and play its part in the energy transition. We can act with confidence and decisiveness.

We want to create a ripple effect – where the actions we take on sustainability multiply outwards, creating a wider and wider impact on the world. As guiding principles, we will make sure to:

  • Embed our sustainability strategy into our corporate strategy
  • Align our efforts with the UN’s Sustainable development goals
  • Focus on behavior change as well as achieving targets

To achieve our vision and strategy, we are focusing on three initial priorities:

  1. Creating a generation of ‘clean first’ advocates through education, collaboration and partnerships.
  2. Getting our own house in order by radically cutting down our own emissions and waste.
  3. Creating a ‘Sonepar Sustainable offer’ that prioritizes sustainable solutions and services to our customers, so that Sonepar operations become the default locations for delivering energy efficient and renewable solutions, as well as services such as recycling, repairing, trainings and energy management.

And we’re already having an impact…

  • Green Offer
    • World N°1 in energy efficiency products and solutions with over 3 BEUR sales to industry and buildings
    • Leader in Renewables with above 500MW sales every year
    • Multiple pilots in Sonepar countries
  • Energy Transition Academy
    • Worldwide e-learning available to our 45,000 associates
    • 10 sustainability commitments for each associate
  • Internal footprint
    • Internal footprint verification using GHG protocol and ISO14064
    • Sonepar is working on reducing its carbon footprint and will accelerate Net Zero Emissions to be in line with the Paris Agreements.
  • More than 240 worldwide country initiatives accelerating the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    • Climate action
    • Affordable and Clean Energy
    • Responsible Consumption and Production
    • Quality Education
    • Reduced Inequalities
    • Good Health and Wellbeing


Sustainability in action


More sustainability at Sonepar in action

Short stories covering our actions in favour of sustainability at local level all around the world.